Green light for Gastronomia

Didier Van Den Eynde

The permit has just been granted for the reconversion of the former John Cockerill industrial halls located in Seraing city centre, opposite the new administrative centres of both the company and the city.The Gastronomia project to be licated on the site involves the creation of a 2,000 m² gourmet hall, shops, a 9-screen cinema complex, 1,300 m² of office and coworking space as well as 93 housing units. This complex will be equipped with some 500 parking spaces and 75 spaces for bicycles. Thanks to the funding included in the Marshall 2 Green Plan for Wallonia, the Spaque company, which specializes in the rehabilitation of polluted industrial sites, first undertook the deconstruction of part of the halls along with the complete sanitation of the site.

At the start of 2020, there was talk of private investments almost 50 million Euros, to which should be added 9.3 million Euros of European funds. These Feder funds are only available until 2023, hence the urgency to start work in early 2022.

The development will be carried out by the ‘Gastronomia vision’ consortium comprising the Dyls, Ghelenimmo, Imagix, Willem real estate and Coeur de Ville companies. Their mission consists of the renovation of the industrial heritage, the interior fittings necessary for the implementation of the project and the construction of a mixed-use building complex adjacent to the hall. The following companies are also associated with the consortium: urban architect Reichen Robert specializing in the conversion of old industrial sites, the Canvas architectural firm, builders Franki, Thomas & Piron, Roger Gehlen and Serbi, engineering office Greisch and the Pierre Berger study bureau.

Eriges, the territorial development agency of Seraing city gives a more detailed description of the project >>>