Welkin & Meraki joins American office provider

Tim Harrup

One of the latest remote working operators to join the ranks of this very active sector – Brussels-based Welkin & Meraki – has announced that it is being taken over, and that another Brussels opening is scheduled.

Welkin & Meraki was founded in 2018 in Brussels by Alain Brossé and currently has five locations in Brussels (1), Paris (3) and Eindhoven (1). These premises are conceived to be satellite offices, public or private working spaces, co-working zones, training and meeting rooms… The only Brussels address at the moment is at the Avenue des Arts 6-9, but another is set to open on the Avenue Louise during the year.

The major news, however, concerns the takeover of Welkin & Meraki for around 50 million dollars, by American enterprise Industrious, which has over 150 flexible working spaces in the United States and the United Kingdom. This company was also named as one of the 500 most rapidly growing enterprises in the United States in 2020, by Inc. Magazine. At the same time as acquiring Welkin & Meraki to boost its European presence, Industrious has taken control of Singapore-based ‘The Great Room’ for the Asian market. It is also highly significant that just a few days ago, real estate professional CBRE announced that it was investing a further 100 million dollars in Industrious, bringing its total holding to 330 million dollars.

Speaking of the takeover of his company and off the opportunities it offers, Welkin & Meraki founder Alain Brossé has this to say: “By joining with Industrious, we are reinforcing our capacity to offer a superior working experience under flexible conditions in key cities within Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Throughout the entire world employees are the driving force behind making workspaces evolve towards a hybrid future, focused on flexibility, quality and enhanced services. Together, Industrious, The Great Room and Welkin & Meraki will become one of the largest operators in flexible working space”.