Bureau Bas smets wins the competition to redesign the surroundings of Notre-Dame


Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris just announced that the team led by the Brussels landscape architect Bas Smets has won the competition to redesign the surroundings of Notre-Dame cathedral. Bas smets will work together with Parisian architecture bureau Grau and for the heritage aspect Neufville -Gayet architectes. The city of Paris came up with a hefty package of demands. The environment had to be greener and more accessible, the connection with the Seine had to be better. But the freedom of movement for the architects was limited. The site is largely protected heritage, and a new building was ruled out in advance.

Above ground, the architect plays with wind, water and shadow. Around 130 extra trees will provide shade, a thin film of water on the square should lower the perceived temperature on the square. The car park that is still under the square is also to be converted. Two staircases will give access to an underground promenade that connects to the crypt and the Seine.

Notre-Dame has been partially devastated by the fire three years ago. Once the restoration of the cathedral is complete, work on the surrounding area can begin. The city is still aiming for 2024. The project is estimated at 50 million euros.

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