Redesign of Brouck'R project to respect heritage buildings


Brouck’R project has now been redesigned to better respect the historic legacy of buildings in Brussels city centre. Developers Immobel and BPI Real Estate have submitted a modified building permit request. Significant changes were made including, at the request of the public authorities, the removal of the contemporary rooftop volume overlooking the historic façade on the place de Brouckère.

The redevelopment project designed by Henning Larsen Architects and A2RC architects envisions the transformation of the former Allianz offices to convert the monofunctional site, which was predominantly centred around office activities, into a multifunctional and dynamic urban living space integrating 176 apartments, 129 student rooms, 10,700 m2 office space and 3,365 retail space.

Initial works were halted in April this year following the suspension of the permit through a decision of the Council of State. In addition to the removal of the rooftop volume above the historic facade, the modifications concern a hotel and a building that were previously destined to be demolished. They will now be partially preserved. The hotel will be converted into offices and a large part of the existing structure will be re-used.