Global real estate market appears confident

Tim Harrup

For our final look at this year’s Mipim, we set out the numbers as presented by organizers RX France, as a way of gauging how the global real estate market is feeling now that the pandemic is well behind us, and in light of the war in Ukraine. The organizers state that 23,000 delegates representing 90 countries came together to find solutions to the challenges facing the built environment. With the largest delegation since the pandemic, the industry embraced the need to overcome difficulties and deliver positive change for people, communities and the planet.

RX go on to say that led by higher attendances from the France, UK, Germany, and Italy delegations, the 32nd edition of Mipim saw a 15% increase in visitors and exhibitors compared with 2022. European delegates were joined by representatives from Japan, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, amongst others. Cities and countries showcased pioneering new opportunities to improve urban planning and advance greater sustainability and prosperity.

Nicolas Kozubek, MIPIM Director, comments: “In an uncertain global environment, Mipim acts as a catalyst for innovation and a focal point for the transformation of real estate. More than ever, we experienced an incredible energy from political leaders, investors and the wider real estate community that are collaborating to create better, more sustainable buildings and places.
With the decarbonisation of cities foremost on the agenda this year, Mipim has signed the Road to Zero Alliance together with fellow real estate leaders to affirm our sustainability commitments. We’re excited to continue these endeavours at Mipim New York in November.”