Which strategy for the revitalization and reconversion of the historic fabric in Wallonia ?


The scheduled end of urban sprawl is playing havoc with the fundamentals of the new-build market and paving the way for the advent of that of renovation 2.0, with circularity as an inevitable consequence. With decarbonization in the sights, what will be the result for processes, costs and financing within the various segments of the real estate industry?

The 15th of June, the ‘Cercle de Wallonie’ is organising in Liège a real estate seminar to inform and debate about those hot topics :

• the costs of demolition-reconstruction versus renovation
• costs allied to the circularity of materials used for construction
• the challenges of energy optimization, particularly for public buildings
• the reconversion of hospital sites
• the reconversion of abandoned industrial sites
• how to reconcile energy requirements and architectural creativity
• the reconversion of deconsecrated religious buildings
• the renovation and reconversion of business parks into mixed use, sustainable connected and integrated living districts

Guest speakers : Willy Borsus, Walloon Minister for the Economy, Town Planning and Regional Development; Christophe Collignon, Walloon Minister for Housing; Frédéric Daerden, Vice President and Budget Minister Wallonia-Brussels Federation; Isabelle De Bruyne, Chief Sustainabilty CFE Groupe; Bertrand Demonceau, Managing Director Ecetia; Laurent Grisay, Executive Partner, archipelago Architects ; Stéphan Mercier, Managing Director Helora, Arnaud Latiers, co-founder of Karno, Pierre Baijot, founder of Resolia; François-Xavier Eloy, Project developer for Thomas & Piron Bâtiment; Laurent Goblet, Directeur Gehlen Immo,; Alexandre De Cesco, CEO of Socatra; Carlos de Meester, CEO Inside Development; Valérie Hilde, Project developer Wallonie BVI. EU

Debate moderated by Philippe Coulée.