New co-living project scheduled for Luxembourg

Tim Harrup

As shared space becomes more common across the real estate sector, a new co-living initiative has been announced for Luxembourg. As reported by, German operator Habyt is to take charge of a unit in the South City project in Howald developed by Capelli, where it will offer 82 bedrooms under a co-living system. The units in question will total 3,200 m² held under a long term lease agreement in the residential tower of this project.

The South City project is aiming to create a mixed use district in Howald. As paperjam goes on to say, it will include, on top of these co-living units, 128 traditional housing units including affordable housing, a co-working space, 1,300 m² of offices, two restaurants and a local store. Along with Capelli, Baltisse is a co-developer, while the architecture is the work of BFF… The overall project will see five buildings set around a public square. This part of Howald (a former trade and industrial zone) is also set to accommodate a multi-modal transport hub with a rail, bus and tram station and improved links to the A3 motorway.

The Habyt co-living units are scheduled to be available in 2026-2027.