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Local, ecological and health-based investments favoured
A survey carried out by Union Investment has shown that the coronavirus crisis has led to a significant shift in the investment strategies of institutional real estate investors. While this survey involves Germany, France and the UK, the findings are likely to be relevant for institutions and companies wishing to invest in Belgium too. Lower risk, lower return, says ...
| 24-08-20

New Brugge FC football stadium to be built for the 2022-2023 season
Bart Verhaeghe, the lively president of Club Brugge, is not used to doing things by halves. The new stadium will offer 10,000 more seats than in the old stadium, for a total capacity of 40,000 seats. Parisian architectural firm SCAU will draw up the plans, alongside its partners in the temporary association which won the design (SCAU / Bollinger) ...
| 24-08-20

25 million residential acquisition by Catella - more to come
There is more transactional news concerning the increasingly popular residential real estate market. Catella Residential Investment Management has announced that it has made four European acquisitions, including a major property in Brussels.

This is a building dating from 2005 comprising 65 modern apartments and 70 indoor parking spaces, acquired for approximately 25 million. Most of the apartments are let and ...
| 21-08-20

Molenbeek scheme extends to adjoining square
Having recently reported on the The Factory, the Molenbeek development of Home Invest Belgium, it is now possible to add information about the immediate surrounds. H.I.B. has indicated that it wants to further contribute to revitalising this Brunfaut neighbourhood of Molenbeek.

The name of the project, H.I.B. points out, is a reference to the history of the location, the ...
| 19-08-20

Downward revaluation of Retail Estates pushes Leasinvest considerably into the red
As a real estate investor which operates retail properties and shopping centers, Leasinvest has not been immune to the corona crisis. Rental income in the first half of the year was 2.8 million Euros lower than a year ago. Divestments added a further decrease of 0.8 million Euros. But the biggest impact has come from the ten percent ...
| 19-08-20

Cofinimmo active over first half
We have occasionally reported on transactions and other activities by Cofinimmo, one of Belgiums largest developers. The publishing of their half year report provides an opportunity to look at a number of these transactions together, in order to better comprehend how a major company is progressing over time.

Firstly, a word about the figures as this unusual year reached the ...
| 18-08-20

Safety first for Paris Real Estate Week
Propel by Mipim and the other aspects of the Real Estate Week in Paris, are still scheduled to take place just a month from now in Paris (September 14-17). The organizers (Reed Midem) have just announced the sanitary measures which will be in place to ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors. Before looking at these, it is ...
| 17-08-20

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